DIY Rustic Candlestick Holder

  1. Sharon says:

    Joanna I love this! So perfect!
    Sharon @houseonheatherfield

  2. Angie Bacon LoPresti says:

    Love this! I can see how this would work in so any different places in the home.

  3. Jules says:

    Hi Jo!

    Can you tell me what your hubby used to drill the holes? I want to tell my husband exactly what tool and size to use!

  4. Erin Allen says:

    Love this! Can you please share where you purchased the candles?

  5. Allie says:

    Gorgeous! Where did you get these candles?

  6. […] I love this simple candle holder! It would be an awesome dinner party center piece. You can eaily customize it with the color and length of wood, amount of candle holes, and type of candles! Here is a tutorial for this DIY candle holder. […]

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